Alexis Ohanian: “Serena Williams almost died…”

Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian has denied divorce speculations raised


Alexis Ohanian praised his wife Serena Williams’ comeback to the competition after going through pregnancy complications. Serena dealt with a polmunary embolism for the second time in her life. ‘She almost died and for a couple of months she had to stay on the bed’, Ohanian revealed in an interview to Vanity Fair.



‘Having recovered and competed at a very high level after going through some experiences less than a year ago has something unbelievable.’ Ohanian also enjoyed the paternity working rules: ‘I thought the four months had to be consecutive, and instead they are flexible, which is particularly useful for the father.



You can take one month in the beginning and then all the Fridays until the days’ end. Using them, I learned that I could spend my necessary time with family, and then taking a two-day break to speak about different things than the daughter, feeling connected and not losing the rhythm.

Serena Williams Serena opened up about how she's guiding her four-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr



I think it’s both for men and women. It’s a matter of equal gender.’ Ohanian didn’t watch tennis before he met Serena. ‘As a young person, I played several team sports. One like me, only one son, had always ten guys around who were ready to support him.



Venus Williams Posts A lovable Picture With Niece Olympia

In tennis you are alone and after every match, you have to reset your hear. I realize it and not only because I fell in love with the best.”


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