Serena Williams: 3 Private Tattoos On Sensitive Parts Of Her Body

Serena Williams tattoo


American star Serena Williams has been playing professional tennis since 1995. She has been in the limelight for quite a long time despite which there are some things that fans don’t know about her. Her tattoo, perhaps, being one of them. Tattoos are not uncommon in the tennis world, and Stan Wawrinka has one worth reading.



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He has a wonderful quote by Irish writer, Samuel Beckett. One that you could say oddly captures the essence of Stan’s career, inscribed right there on his forearm.“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” However, Serena has gone down a different path with her tattoos.
Serena Williams: 3 new Private Tattoos On Sensitive Part Of Her Body



The first tattoo that Serena Williams has is a small heart on the back of her neck. This is probably the tattoo that some people might have noticed. This is supposed to be a henna tattoo which means that it is not permanent it will fade after three weeks at the latest.



Serena Williams: 3 new Private Tattoos On Sensitive Part Of Her Body
A big chest Serena Williams who is a proud member of the ‘No Bra Club’ insists she’ll continue to go without one despite people constantly staring at her. I’m in the no bra club and want to ‘free the tatas’ – haters say I should wear one but I’ve got a simple reply when haters tell her to wear lingerie.



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The tennis champion doesn’t care if she has caused a stir among her haters. Serena emphatically told fans that she will not change her lifestyle as she included the hashtag “free the tatas.” The younger sister of Venus Williams captioned her video: “It’s a straight no from me” and she was seen mouthing “I am who I am.”

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We have seen Serena wear this tattoo quite often, but we don’t why. She has never given the reason for it and odds are she won’t be doing so unless, perhaps, prompted to.

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Serena has revealed that she wouldn’t be wearing a bra anytime soon: The proud member of the no-bra club has revealed what she says to haters who urge her to wear lingerie.

Serena Williams: 3 new Private Tattoos On Sensitive Part Of Her Body

This is a tattoo that very few people have seen as it is nearly invisible. It’s one of a rose stick with a few leaves, situated on the back of Serena’s left shoulder.


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