Serena reacts to Venus Williams wearing no pants, ‘Where are your pants?’

Serena Williams Absolutely Gorgeous as Venus Williams flaunts pants dazzling


Venus Williams says she ‘can’t stop’ wearing provoking swimsuits amidst questions on her wardrobe malfunctions prompting sister Serena to wonder ‘Where are your pants?’ Venus Williams has revealed a very interesting detail about her awkward wardrobe while posting a cheeky swimsuit selfie on Instagram.



The Olympian admitted she ‘can’t stop’ wearing provoking bathing suits; sexy and tempting outfits for the viewing pleasure of her fans and Serena has asked her, “Why?”. The tennis ace even made swimsuits part of her cleaning uniform, donning a white American flag one-piece while Clorox-ing her Jupiter, Florida home.



Venus Williams Steps Out for SAG Awards in Dress with Thigh High Slit
‘Attending to house chores,’ she wrote, adding the tag: ”#nodaysof.’ Venus went on saying: ‘Also I can’t stop putting swimsuits on when I am alone. I could be half-naked the whole day. Anyone else having wardrobe problems like me????’ Her sister Serena was the first one to laugh, taking to the comments section to say: ‘Wait how did I not know about this? I need the hookup!!!,’ later chiming in again to say: ‘Where r your pants?’



Venus Williams isn’t just an ace on the court, she’s also a regular red carpet stunner! The tennis pro may have a mean game face, but she loves putting on a glamorous display when her racquet is put away. Venus never says no to fun styles like metallics, glitter, or a sexy plunge and that makes her one of the most fun stars to see on the red carpet.


Venus Williams At The 2022 Critics’ Choice Awards
Here, a glowing Venus Williams she wore her hair up high and had on tons of diamonds with the sexy white strapless gown. The Florida resident has also enjoyed an occasional tropical trip in the past, including one to the Bahamas in November 2021.



Venus Williams is a champion on and off the tennis court. The seven-time Grand Slam title winner has been in the game since she was just a teenager, and she has grown beautifully as both a person and an athlete over the years. When Venus has a moment to herself, she occasionally takes time to relax by the beach or at the pool, wearing a form-fitting, stylish bikini or swimsuit.



“I ain’t got yacht type,” the athlete captioned an Instagram post recently, which featured her posing on a boat sporting a sexy white two-piece, a hat and sunglasses. “Bahamas photo dump,” Venus captioned an Instagram carousel post at the time, which included one snapshot of her rocking a white one-piece bathing suit and a matching baseball cap.

Venus Williams’ Sexiest Looks, Photos
She also made sure to include the scenic views of the island as well as one image of her niece, Olympia, whom Venus’ sister, Serena Williams, shares with husband Alexis Ohanian.

Venus has promoted a positive self-perception when it comes to body image in the past. In July 2015, the Lynwood, California, native told Image she is “proud to be strong” and have a capable physique.

Venus Williams At The 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards
”I always thought of it like, ‘What can my body do for me?’ and not, ‘How do I look?’” Venus explained at the time. “I’ve always been happy with my body. Of course I want to look well and fit — and as an athlete, I want to look strong. I want my opponents to look at me across the net and just not want [to] play me because I look so fit and amazing and strong.”

The tennis pro also weighed in on how she has maintained a robust stature, noting that she lets her body “do whatever it wants to do.” “I’m an athlete, so my main concern is how to achieve my top performance, whatever that takes,” Venus added.

Venus Williams shows off her toned legs in a VERY short striped mini dress scaled

Although she boasts confidence and encourages her fans to embrace their natural selves, Venus has also addressed the pressuring societal standards that women face.

Venus Williams most outrageous outfit ever

“We have to focus on what our bodies can do for us, especially as women,” she told Byrdie in June 2022. “There’s so much focus on whether our bodies fit the standard of what society says [it should]. That’s always changing.

Venus Williams Beauty In Sports - pic

Nowadays, people want to look a certain way, wear certain things, or whatever it is. We have to let go of those norms and refocus on what our bodies are doing for us. My job is to focus on what my body is doing for me and how it’s performing, and I’m one of those people who wants to be perfect.”

Venus Williams At An LA Screening Of ‘King Richard’

Venus then pointed out that one of her goals is to keep eating healthier food options. However, she also advised growing teens who are struggling with their self-image to avoid comparing themselves to other people.

Venus Williams At The 2022 Producers Guild Awards

“Just be you and find out what you want and what is important to you,” the former California resident concluded. “You get to be an individual. You don’t have to be everyone else.”


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