Venus and Serena Williams’ mother Commands a Multi-million Dollar Empire

Oracene Price is best known as the coach and mother of tennis stars Venus Williams and Serena Williams


Venus and Serena’s mother Oracene Price gets her own spotlight in Will Smith’s new movie ‘King Richard’. Here’s everything to know about the superstar athletes’ other tennis coach!



Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard Williams often gets credit for making the two tennis players world-class athletes, but their mother Oracene Price had as much a part in their success on the court. While the self-taught tennis coach will be a focus in the upcoming sports biopic King Richard, here’s what you need to know about Oracene Price ahead of the film’s premiere!



1. Oracene Price Hails From Michigan.

Oracene Price was born on April 3, 1952 in Saginaw, Michigan. At birth, she was given the nickname “Brandy.” Her father was an automotive worker from the Mississippi Delta. At the age of 18, she graduated from Buena Vista High School and later went on to attend Western Michigan University.



Venus Williams gifts her mother house worth $310,000



2. She Has Children From Multiple Marriages.

At a young age, Oracene married Yusef Rasheed and the couple had three daughters together: Yetunde Price, Lyndrea Price and Isha Price, according to The New York Times. Following the death of Yusef, Oracene would go on to marry Richard Williams in 1980. While residing in Compton, California, the pair would welcome daughter Venus that same year and daughter Serena one year later. In 2002, Oracene filed for divorce from Richard, citing irreconcilable differences. At the time, she reverted to her maiden name of Price.



Anna Wintour, Venus, Oracene and Meghan Markle watch Serena at 2019 US Open
Anna Wintour, Venus, Oracene and Meghan Markle watch Serena at 2019 US Open



3. Oracene’s Eldest Daughter Was Murdered.

On September 14, 2003, Yetunde Price was killed in a drive-by shooting in Compton, CA at the age of 31. The personal assistant to half-sisters Venus and Serena was shot in the head while driving in an SUV with boyfriend Rolland Wormley. “These guys just started opening fire,” Wormley told LA Times a few weeks after the killing. “We were just innocent passersby. I don’t know how many shots were fired. I don’t even know what race or creed [the attackers] were.”



Wormley detailed to the outlet how he immediately drove to his mother’s house after the shots were fired to seek safety. After calling 911, an ambulance took Yetunde to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. Nearly three years after the shooting, Robert Edward Maxfield was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the voluntary manslaughter of Yetunde, according to court records. In 2018, he was released on parole.



Serena Williams and her mum Oracene Price and sisters

4. She Taught Herself Tennis To Help Coach Venus And Serena.

Although Oracene is often overshadowed by Richard in the raising of Venus and Serena to be tennis icons, she played a major role in their court dominance. After teaching herself how to play tennis as an adult, Oracene would help her daughters with the technical aspects of the game, before showing them how to become bona fide winners.

“Oracene was a co-conspirator in this crazy dream that they had,” Aunjanue Ellis, the actress who plays Oracene in King Richard, told “It is utterly irrational that they would have children and make them tennis stars. And she was their coach just as much as [Richard} was. Physically, she was more their coach than he was. He was more of a guide, I would say. But she trained herself so she could teach those girls. They would all be on the tennis court at the same time.”

Venus Williams and Oracene Price

5. Venus And Serena Say They Wouldn’t Have Survived Without Oracene

The dynamic tennis duo have made it clear that they wouldn’t be the medal winners they are today without the love and support of their mother. During the Red Table Talk on November 17, Serena said her mother worked tirelessly to financially support the family when their father announced he was giving up his job to coach his daughters full time. “She had to support seven people, as a family of seven,” Serena explained, adding, “To have that faith and to have that back end support, we wouldn’t have survived without that.”

Venus and Serena Williams family



On her website elevenbyvenuswilliams, Venus echoed the sentiment, saying, “My father soaked up the spotlight as a larger than life character who created two tennis phenoms, but it was my mother who was the backbone and driving force behind both him, Serena, and I. She provided the balance and stability, both emotionally and spiritually. She raised all of her daughters to be strong, confident unrelentingly successful women. Not just on the court, but in life as human beings. I’m forever grateful.”

5. Major Works
Oracene has established the OWL Foundation. It deals with encouraging children to educate themselves and also helps students financially. The foundation provides an excellent learning platform. The chief motive of the foundation is to help students with learning problems and academic failures express themselves and help them excel in academics.

Venus Williams, Oracene Price and Serena Williams at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year ceremony in 2015

  • Over the years, Oracene has come to be known for being outspoken on issues of racial discrimination. She has often confronted the media about racial profiling and has said that to face such type of behavior has become quite common for Black Americans.
    She also describes herself as an ardent feminist and has been vocal about the inequality seen in the field of sports. She has spoken against the objectification and over sexualization of women by the media.
  • Oracene has been involved with a number of charities mainly focusing on educational promotion and travelled to Africa with her daughter Serena to spread the importance and impact of education. She has also helped with the construction of schools in Senegal.Venus and Serena Williams family
  • Price has spoken out against pressure saying that pressure is way too overrated. As Black Americans in the society, they have had to deal with nothing but pressure all their lives. She had also taught her daughters to not give in to pressure.

Net Worth
As of August 2017, the current estimated net worth of Oracene Price is 900,000 USD. While in 2022, the tennis coach, Oracene Price has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Oracene Price bought a $310,000 house from her daughter Serena Williams for just $10. The house is of 2,804 square feet and is valued more than its selling price before.

Oracene Price Net Worth and Earnings

Price and Serena have traveled to Senegal for the construction of schools. Oracene said at the time: ”She hopes to help as many children go to school as she can.”

In September 2013, Venus Williams sold a 4-bedroom, 3-bath home to Price for $10 in Jupiter, Florida. The house is basically a gift, and the nominal fee just keeps it legal.

Venus bought the house for $310,000 in 2000. The house was built in 1998 but renovated in 2003. It sits on an acre of land.


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