Venus Williams reaches settlement in wrongful death lawsuit …

Venus Williams and Richard Williams


Tennis star Venus Williams will not face any criminal charges in relation to a fatal traffic accident she was involved in near her Florida residence in June, the Sun-Sentinel newspaper reported on Wednesday, quoting police.



The driver of a car that struck Williams’ SUV in an intersection was also not charged, after Palm Beach Gardens police determined that neither violated the right-of-way, the newspaper reported. Palm Beach Gardens police and city clerk did not immediately respond to inquiries.



Police had initially said Williams was to blame for failing to yield the right-of-way. But by July, Palm Beach Gardens police said video evidence had surfaced that showed Williams had entered the intersection lawfully, and that a car not involved in the collision had forced Williams to stop in the intersection. The traffic light changed, and a sedan that struck Williams’ SUV had a green light.

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Jerome Barson, 78, who was a passenger in the sedan, died 13 days after the accident on 9 June. His wife, Linda Barson, was driving. The Barson family has filed a wrongful death suit against Williams. Calls to attorneys for both parties were not immediately returned on Wednesday evening.



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